Friday, April 4, 2014

So Long ... Farewell

I stood surrounded by words
embraced by spirits wishing to
share their tales ... their stories.
Immobile, hearing only my breath 
amidst palpable silence.
The eerie quiet
somber ... reflective even.
No laughter or common chatter.
No voices heard.
The very lack of sound shrieking volumes.
I moved so very slowly ...
as in a dream. 
A nightmare of no awaking.
Fingers touching empty spaces
and caressing bindings of what remained.
And as I wandered my thoughts implored ...
Would you have been a future friend?
a confident of my imagination?
But no response came.
Memories were conjured to my mind,
of faces and moments past.
People ... treasured seconds.
Eyes glancing up from an escalator ...
Smiles and warmth.
Treats and coffees ...
But we were Out of Time ...
The moment past. 
Warmth welled up behind my eyes
as I realized the finality.
Emotion surged.
Aching loneliness.
So very final.
A refuge ... a shelter ... a home.
Echoes of what once was so very clear
just as they had been.
I could hear the vibrations of voices .... 
words spoken ...
Feel a touch ... a hand ... a caress ...
See the smiles of yestertime ...
Everywhere ...
But these were all just shadows 
as the feeling of betrayal surged.
In a place that had once given
such love ... such hope ... such promises
of a better tomorrow.
So many will miss the welcome.
The refuge given by the simplicity of words and pages.
From bindings and stories.
Shortsighted choices condemned you, my other home.
And now my shop around the corner is no more.

                                                                              -- Jenni
                                                                              April 4, 2014