Friday, September 27, 2013

Glitter in My Veins

Some girls are born with Glitter in their veins. Some aren't. And ya know what, there are         Glitterless people out there who just want to shake it out of the Glittered.
I am one of the Glitter Girls. I like bling and hot pink. I like to be active and live a 3-D life to its absolute extreme.  I put myself out there, realizing that I will please some and not others. I write. I organize. I act. I create. I plan. I dream of going to Africa and Paris. I love hanging out with my kids. I enjoy sitting at a bar and chatting with a friend. I knit and read books of all types. I watch Scandal religiously. I treasure my family. I am intensely loyal to my friends and love deeply. I eat French fries and drink Blue Moon and Pink Grapefruit Martinis with sugar around the rim. I work out and love fun clothes and shoes. 

But, amidst my joie de vivre, I realize that along with the other glittered who share applause, laughter and fun with me come the nay-sayers who have opinions that differ from mine and may not like what what I do, create, say, act, dream, treasure, or eat. I must be aware that amidst my living out loud, there will be darts flying my way too.  Amidst great reviews are a few zingers.

I’m a creative Glitter Girl. Yeah, I will admit that I’m a bit fragile when I share my stuff. It’s scary to put yourself out, isn’t it? But, I do so anyway. To keep it buried under a rock in the darkness just isn’t the “authentic me.” My sparkle and glitter will win out and no matter that I go to ground at times -- retracting and retreating -- I’m comin’ back. Along my path, I will challenge myself, stumble, fly, rise and fall, laugh and cry, celebrate and wallow. But, what I won’t do is burst the balloons of others who are trying to rise and nurture their own sparkle. I refuse to sink to low levels and tear down others who are trying to claw their own way up the mountain. 

I refuse to undermine. I mean, as Hayden Panetierre sang, "It's a whole lot harder to Shine ... than Undermine."

Criticism and slashing takes place everywhere. In the Board Room, amidst friends, in conversations. It just happens. I get myself worked up at times when something rubs me the wrong way. I have been known to speak from emotion and challenge others. That should be okay. When I disagree or have different opinions, I just prefer to handle those moments with “the direct approach” and have a face to face to work through it and deal with it. Or, if it’s not that crucial, I chalk it up to differences in individuals and work thru it on my own. I mean, not everything can be a cause.

I’ve blogged before about the polarity and divisiveness of Facebook. That’s a place where darts, harsh words and -- in extreme moments -- "salads" are thrown with careless abandon. Why people feel thru the anonymity associated with typed words on a computer/internet-driven network that they can be unkind, disrespectful and dismissive is beyond me. It’s hurtful. It’s mean. Heck, I’d even call it cyber-bullying. Who I vote for or support or want to be with should not be grounds for unkind "comments" or un-friending. Debate me all you want, but don’t dismiss or criticize what I have the right to believe in and do.

As a person with Glitter in my veins, I put myself out into the public eye. Sometimes I receive accolades. Sometimes it’s a dart. Perhaps it’s a barrage of tomatoes. But I’m not one to hide myself, my thoughts, my ideas and my activities under a rock. I wasn’t created that way. I do some good … I try to at least. I want to. Sometimes I mess up. But I can’t learn anything unless I go the distance. So I guess I’ll get just have to deal with a salad thrown at my face at times.  Um … If you want to toss stuff at me, could ya at least send along some Italian dressing?

When I was a kid, I learned the golden rule … Do unto others as you want them to do to you. I figured that meant, be nice to others. I teach my kids that. Thought everybody learned that but from the stuff I read on FB, guess that lesson was tougher to grasp than I thought. I just ask for kindness. Is that so hard? I also learned that only those without fault should cast a stone. Since I’m far from perfect, I’m not casting any stones these days. And, for those out there who aren’t perfect either and reside in a Glass House, I’d kinda suggest ya don’t throw stones either.

Rosalie de Castro wrote: I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it.

Thanks Rosalie. I will join you on this adventure into the unknown amidst slings and arrows. If you look for me, I will be the one with Glitter in my veins who doesn't give up when a little tomato sauce comes my way. My Glitter shines thru me and doesn't fade or dim.

Do you have glitter in your veins? Don't be afraid of a few tomatoes. Just Let it Shine ....
                                                                                                                                         -- Jenni